Sauriermuseum Aathal - Ticket prices

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Ticket prices 2016

Individual persons and families

Adults Fr. 21.00
Children 5-16 Fr. 11.00
Children with IV card Fr.   7.00
AHV / IV / students Fr. 17.00

Families: Parents with own children
Fr. 58.00

Annual cards

for frequent visitors

Fr. 80.00
Fr. 60.00
Fr. 140.00

Group rates

valid for up to 10 persons

Adults Fr. 18.00
Children 5-16 Fr.   9.00
Children with IV card Fr.   5.00
AHV / IV / students
Fr. 14.00

Schools: per student Fr.   8.00
1 teacher free    
For each additional
accompanying person
Fr. 13.00

We would like to issue a polite reminder that the Sauriermuseum Aathal is privately financed, being dependent on the income generated from tickets, tours, workshops etc.

We accept the following payment methods: Reka cheques, Reka Card, Maestro, Postcard and credit cards VISA, Eurocard and American Express. Various partner shares. No accumulation of benefits (discounts, promotional coupons etc.).

Outside of regular opening times, the only accepted discounts are group rates!

The museum ticket is valid in the Dino Giardino. Dogs are not allowed in the Dinosaur museum or in the Dino Giardino.