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In addition to the emphasis on our own excavation work and the general topic of dinosaurs, other witnesses of time are not far away: annual special exhibits are integrated in the list of exhibits, expanding it with such topics and objects as air and marine saurians, a fossil whale, ammonites, trilobites etc. Paleontology and dinosaur fans all over the world meet in theSauriermuseum Aathal. The museum will make its own findings available for study purposes. With this, much emphasis is placed on the quality of the work of our fossil preparators.

In addition, the museum is specially attractive or younger visitors. Scholars are often intensely concerned with questions on the life of ancient animals and evolution, as well as general changes that have taken place on the Earth. Do the dinosaurs have any descendants? What was Switzerland like during the dinosaur era? And what can we find in the world of fossilised dinosaur bones?

From its genesis, as well as its design philosophy: the Sauriermuseum Aathal, as a private museum, is an extraordinary museum in that it combines science and its popularisation.


1 Biggest privately run dinosaur museum in Switzerland
10 Dinosaur findings from our own excavation efforts
10 Other original skeletons of dinosaurs, pterosaurs and marine reptiles
19 Integrated special exhibitions
19 Detached skeletal replicas of fossil dinosaurs
31 Life-size dinosaur models
33 Employees in our museum team
42 Replicas of dinosaur skulls
437 Tours per year, of which more than 300 with school classes
645 Exhibits in the Aathal Dinosaur Museum
over 4300 Dinosaur bones excavated by the Siber team
4500 Square metres of exhibition area
over 100'000 Of working hours of fossil preparators
1'571'012 Enthusiastic visitors since opening in 1992
over 4'000'000 Dinosaur exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad with material from the Sauriermuseum Aathal (1992-2012)