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The Sauriermuseum Aathal (Aathal Dinosaur Museum) has been around for more than 20 years: be surprised by the extensive exhibits and the countless activities on offer.

Immerse yourself in a bygone world and experience how the bizarre dinosaurs, the rulers of land of yesteryear, could have lived. Much about their lives remains hidden from us, but with each new fossil discovery and joint research effort, a bit more light is shone on this dark past. In this day there is a wide realm of knowledge, attractively staged in the Aathal Dinosaur Museum and waiting to be experienced.

In addition to the tour of the museum, films, play activities and more draw visitors. If so requested, special offers can be booked or participation in selected activities can be arranged. Visits to the museum are recommended for families with children aged 4 and above. Following a reservation, we will offer museum tours for groups in English.

On this website, you will find important information in the area of the upper (yellow) service menu, available in English: Home, Opening times, Ticket Prices, Arrival, Infrastructure, and Contact. In addition, you will find further information on the Aathal Dinosaur Museum in the red navigation menu under Museum.

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Discover the true story about the Stegosaur «Sarah / Sophie»
Story, Images, Documentation and further Information on our download page.


The time laps shows the assembly of the 18 meter long skeleton of «MaX» from 16 March to 13 April 2015 in less than two minutes.

Special Exhibitions

DinoComics and Cartoons 2016

Museum Tour...

Diplo and Rapti are the two new museum mascots. They guide you in an entertaining way along 14 stations through various exhibits of the Sauriermuseum Aathal!

More information in German...

Diplo and Rapti with Cartoons

...and new exhibition!

With short history of Dinosaur Comics and Cartoons as well as some cuts of animations and examples of more than a hundred fine cartoon drawings.

More information in German...